Straw Poll

Teri Regano Brady Street Area resident Supporting: Sam McGovern-Rowen I support Sam McGovern-Rowen as Third District Alderman because of his commitment to public service and public safety. He has the experience,  contacts, integrity and knowledge that I see as necessities for a seamless transition. We, as a neighborhood, cannot afford a learning curve. As a father, with two young sons, I believe that Sam is committed to making our neighborhood a safe place for all. Pegi Taylor Co-founder and Chair of IN:SITE Supporting: Sura Faraj What excites me most about Sura is the creativity she will bring to leadership. Sura is a Do It Yourself woman. She does not wait for answers to come to her. She goes out and seeks them. She makes things happen Dan Vogel Third District/Riverwest Resident Supporting: Sam McGovern-Rowen Sam is a MODERATE VOICE for the whole district, who, as our current alderman’s aide for three years, truly understands the job’s requirements. Sam  has a firm grasp on the limits of the job and he has a deep respect for PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS. He is an effective voice, not a protest voice. Our district will be well served by his well established relationships he has built in city hall. Nancy Vogel Third District/Riverwest Resident Supporting: Sam McGovern-Rowen I am voting for Sam McGovern-Rowen for Third District Alderman. Sam has unparalleled skills and experience to be an effective public servant for our  istrict. He is passionate about public service and is a progressive voice for smart sustainable growth, environmental conservation, and improved public safety. Sam understands the needs of the district and has the ability to see them met.