Milele Coggs, El-Louise Games, Fred Gordon, Charlene Hardin, ViAnna Jordan, Adel Kheirieh, and Una Van Duvall

Political Hotbed: Sixth District Aldermanic Candidates

Most of Riverwest joins with the East Side to decide the future of the Third Aldermanic District. However, a slice of the neighborhood votes with the Sixth, which is a hotbed of candidates eager to make an immediate impact on a community looking for leadership. Among the topics candidates would like to address include re-establishing a strong sense of community, adding a presence in city budget discussions, increasing local economic opportunities, and reclaiming the safety of Sixth District streets. To help local residents make this important choice the Riverwest Currents asked the candidates to tell us briefly what they would like to do for the Sixth District. Seven of the nine candidates responded. Missing are Michael Brox and Michael McGee, Jr. (incumbent). Candidates’ comments are unedited. Milele A. Coggs P.O. Box 1751 I am running because I am the difference maker who has the vision to bridge the interests, assets, and issues of the entire district ultimately helping to improve the quality of life for all of its residents. This is my way to give back to the community in which I was born and raised. El-Louise Games 3331 N. 1st Street I am running for alderman of the Sixth District because of the work that I have been doing in the community for the last year. In this past year I have dealt with drug houses, cleaning up the streets, communication of resources, recreation for children in the community, and jobs for young black men. I want to unite and bring our community together through trust and healing the stigma that has been put on it. Fred Gordon 2110 W. Keefe Ave I am a candidate for the Sixth Aldermanic District because the district is in dire need of experienced and dynamic leadership. I previously served as the alderman of the Seventh District for 12 years and I am well versed in the politics of City Hall. If elected, I can hit the ground running and I can get things done for the district immediately. The district has no presence in the 2008 city budget, which is tantamount to taxation without representation. I have a long history of advocacy and a complete understanding of how to deliver services to constituents. Charlene Hardin 1358 W. Hadley St. I have dedicated most of my life in service to my community. I am currently serving my third term as the School Board Director of the fourth District. I believe that the residents of the Sixth District, deserves a proven, committed and dedicated Alderman to work on their behalf. ViAnna Jordan 3216 N. 7th St. I believe in Clean Government, Clean Elections and Clean Neighborhoods. Clean Government means No More Shakedowns of our citizens or business owners. Home owners leave district, depleting tax base and businesses pass shakedown costs on to me and you. Clean Elections means corruption hurts our district and city. Clean Neighborhoods are wholesome for community and inviting to businesses. These three issues together bring about a thriving community and become a fertility bed for JOB DEVELOPMENT, which is so desperately needed to rid high unemployment and to move the Sixth district forward. Adel Kheirieh Address: none provided I am a businessman in the city of Milwaukee for over 28 years and for over 28 years I have understood the needs of the business community. One of my goals is to work toward business security, productivity and non discriminatory practices. I’ll assure you I will fight to eliminate unjust treatment of business in the district. Milwaukee requires people with business minds and business experience to balance the budget and maximize the services brought to the good people of Milwaukee. My plan will utilize my unique relationship with the Sixth district business community, block club captains, faith based organizations and government. Through the collective alliance I will work to create and implement services that mentor children, promote neighborhood senior safety patrol, give business security, provide more incentive to keep business in the district and create more jobs in the area. As jobs increase the crime rate will decrease. Una Van Duvall 2471 N. Palmer St As a home owner, mother, and resident of the district for over two decades, my vision for safer neighborhoods, economic development will be sensitive to the concerns of district residents. I will adequately address the need for increased job training and employment opportunities by supporting the right kinds of developments.

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