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Straw Poll

With eight candidates to choose from, voters in Milwaukee’s Third Aldermanic District are faced with a big decision when they get into the voting booth February 19.

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Political Hotbed: Sixth District Aldermanic Candidates

Most of Riverwest joins with the East Side to decide the future of the Third Aldermanic District.

However, a slice of the neighborhood votes with the Sixth, which is a hotbed of candidates eager to make an immediate impact on a community looking for leadership.

Among the topics candidates would like to address include re-establishing a strong sense of community, adding a presence in city budget discussions, increasing local economic opportunities, and reclaiming the safety of Sixth District streets.

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Aldermanic candidates for Milwaukee’s 3rd District speak out

The Question:

What is your strategy to coordinate a plan for the Hometown development site at the east end of the North Avenue bridge? 

There are three powerful stakeholders in this issue: Mandel, the developer; the East North Avenue BID; and the community groups gathered under the Milwaukee River Work Group who have a zoning proposal before the Council that impacts future development.