Straw Poll

Larraine McNamara-McGraw, SC Riverwest Resident The two best candidates are Sura and Nik. They both have deep community involvement and they are running on the issues, not because of the  opportunity (of an open seat). Both were running before Ald. D’Amato decided to step down. We need real leaders in this community, not a bunch of people looking for long term job security. Get to know Sura! Get to know Nik! Decide for yourselves on the issues, not on anything else. George Martin Riverwest resident Supporting: Sura Faraj I have known Sura Faraj for many years and have worked with her on a variety of local issues. Because of her values and her work ethic, I believe that she will be a very effective alderwoman. Brad Montgomery Executive Director of NAMI Greater Milwaukee Supporting: Sura Faraj I utterly trust her ethics and convictions. Sura has the kind of consistent integrity and true family values that we need more of in our local government. Polly Morris Director of Development & Marketing, UWM Peck School of the Arts Riverwesterner Supporting: Patrick Flaherty Flaherty is experienced, knowledgeable, hard working and committed. He has built coalitions, led organizations, raised money, and participated  uccessfully in the legislative process (four initiatives passed) in support of progressive causes. He has gotten results. His is the kind of leadership – simultaneously patient and visionary – we need in the district.