Straw Poll

Michael Zeidler Son of former Mayor Frank Zeidler Riverwest resident Supporting: Sura Faraj I don’t know all of the candidates, but I would prefer to support someone who lives over here (in Riverwest). Someone on this side of the river. Someone with a sense about the role of the neighborhood. Sura, at this point, would be on the top of my list. Suzanne Zipperer Resident, 3400 block of N. Pierce St. Supporting: Sura Faraj I find Sura is open to discussion. A few years back I opened a discussion on the email network and was “flamed” by a few people. Sura took the time to pick up the phone and talk to me about the issue of concern and listen to my ideas. Recently she asked what issues I was most concerned with. I told her employment, and that I felt our current representative has not been active enough in ensuring that city-funded projects, such as the parking lot connected to the new Manpower Office, employ city residents and help them get job skills. Sura took the time to educate herself about this complex issue. All the volunteer time Sura has put into the Riverwest Neighborhood Association also shows that she is willing and able to lead.