Straw Poll

Emily Larsen

Riverwest resident Supporting: Sura Faraj

I support Sura because I think it is important for a woman to be in Milwaukee’s Common Council. I believe it is a little ridiculous that in a city where  women outnumber men, we do not have a representative council that is demographically representative.

Jennifer Geigel Mikulay Educator Supporting: Patrick Flaherty

Patrick Flaherty is caring, resourceful, and focused. He is a great listener and diligent worker. Even within a talented field of candidates, Patrick stands out as a leader with a track record of successful work at the citywide level. Patrick has the skills, networks, and energy to work effectively with residents. Patricia Goldstein

Third District Resident Supporting: Patrick Flaherty

I have lived on both sides of the river for over 20 years and whether I’m living on the East Side or in Riverwest, I would support Patrick Flaherty for  alderperson. I have known Patrick a long time and among all the candidates, he is the only one who has ever gotten a significant piece of legislation through the Common Council. Talk about experience. He has experience. All the other candidates talk about what they will do when they are elected, but Patrick has already ushered a significant piece of social legislation through City Hall that directly affects the people in Milwaukee: domestic partner benefits. Can any other candidate claim to have had success in doing anything that directly affects the lives of so many people in Milwaukee? Don’t tell me what you will do if you get elected. Don’t tell me what coalitions you have led that are against something (which I would probably agree with), but show me what you have done. Patrick’s record speaks for itself. Lorraine Jacobs

Former Board President, Urban Ecology Center Supporting: Sura Faraj

Sura is the one candidate with the experience, intelligence, thoughtfulness and depth of communication to bring positive change in the way city government connects with the people.