Straw Poll

Kevin Flaherty Third District Resident and Business Lender Supporting: Patrick Flaherty

No one will work harder for the Third District than my twin brother Patrick. His work ethic is legendary in my family, as is his dedication to “do the right thing.” He will approach issues with an open mind, deal with people in a straightforward, compassionate manner, and above all, achieve meaningful results without backroom deals. Robin Denison Squier

Riverwest Resident and Educator Supporting: Nik Kovac

Nik has impressed me with his knowledge of issues in the area, and his willingness to listen to all sides. He is very articulate and is able to bring people together instead of being divisive. He has worked tirelessly all fall and winter to meet the neighbors and find out our concerns. I feel that he will listen to the residents and take our views into account when he is alderman.

Verdell De Yarman Community peace activist Supporting: Nik Kovac

…Because of his pledge to increase funding for local schools. I have worked for peace in the community for over thirty years, and I recognize that, we are not a perfect society, but we should strive to be one. I believe Kovac is the candidate who will work hardest towards this goal through his  commitment to Milwaukee’s schools.

James Fletcher Artistic Director, The Bunny Gumbo Theatre Company Supporting: Nik Kovac

Nik is a resident of my neighborhood and understands the problems we are facing. I think he’s smart, forward thinking and will be accessible to the people of the Third District.