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The monthly neighbor spotlight.

C.C. Carmickle WEB by Lee Gutowski

Neighbor Spotlight – CC Carmickle

by Lee Gutowski C.C. Carmickle speaks in “rhythm and rhyme,” as he puts it (but he tried not to speak that way as a child because in the South when he grew up you could get killed for that, for acting too intelligent). His stories are riveting and full of adventure, with plenty of clear-eyed, […]

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Neighbor Spotlight -Jen Cintron

Story and Photo by Lee Gutowski It’s the Vernal Equinox of 2021, and befitting the beginning of Spring, all beings are cycling into the season of renewal and beginnings – some think of it as rebirth. There is a sense of anticipation, tempered with trepidation, as all manner of living things come out of slumber, […]

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TW HAnsen house vb

Neighbor Spotlight: TW Hansen

by Lee Gutowski “I do this and I stay at at it because I solve problems for people, and I find that deeply rewarding.” – TW Hansen TW Hansen came to my rescue when my 2005 PT Cruiser, the primary distribution vehicle for the Riverwest Currents, got “accordioned” by a hit-and-run driver when it was […]

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