Congratulations on your decision to run for Alderman for the Third district of Milwaukee! We are a neighborhood group known as Riverwesters for Progressive Growth. We are a friendly, loose affiliation among neighbors in Riverwest and the surrounding neighborhoods who have a pragmatic interest in keeping their blocks clean, safe, peaceful and enjoyable.

  • We support home ownership in all of its forms
  • We support the development of retail and commercial spaces in the neighborhood. These jobs will employ our neighbors.
  • We desire a safe, clean and enjoyable neighborhood and will work with the police and public officials to help achieve that.
  • We support responsible landlords who take care of their properties and their tenants, and will not tolerate irresponsible landlords.
  • We support sustainable development in the neighborhood.

We have collectively have come up with a series of questions we’d like you to answer for our group. We will post the answers as we receive them on our website which will be linked from several news sites/newspapers in the Riverwest Neighborhood. Thanks in advance for helping out! Let’s work together to help get the information out to our friends and neighbors for them to make an informed decision for their vote in the primary! The questions are attached below. Best wishes, Riverwesters for Progressive Growth


Riverwesters For Progressive Growth 3rd District Candidate Questions


  1. What do you believe is the biggest problem facing the Third District? Have you worked on any solutions to that problem?
  2. How do you plan to work with police to increase neighborhood safety? What do you know about the High Point program? What do you like or dislike about it?
  3. Do you think DNS needs to be more aggressive in their enforcement of current city housing codes? Have you worked on any code compliance issues? What are your ideas?
  4. Should UWM continue to increase its enrollment? If yes, what are your guidelines? If new dorms are built, where SHOULD they go, and where should they NOT go?
  5. Development is a contentious issue in the 3rd district. People are often opposed to new development in their area, yet City residents also criticize sub/urban sprawl. How can Milwaukee and the East Side/Riverwest continue to grow and manage resistance to growth?
  6. Do you support the River Overlay District? Do you support the proposed expansion of the overlay further into adjoining neighborhoods? What is the proper use and implementation of overlay districts? Do you see the East Village overlay as a good model?
  7. The city budget is a very complex process that requires a great balancing act. Please explain to us what you know about the city budget process and how you plan to improve services without raising taxes?
  8. Essentially, as a candidate, you are applying for a job as our third district Alderman. Please summarize your professional career, including dates of full time employment and positions held. How has your past work prepared you to hold the job of alderman? What experience do you have working through the legislative process to enact your ideas? How do you plan to fund these ideas?

Editor’s Note: This writing from Riverwesters for Progressive Growth begins with an edited introduction of their vision. You can find a complete version on their web site. Following their vision statement is a list of questions they have put to Third District aldermanic candidates. Responses are being posted on the RPG website. RPG will be hosting a forum in March for the County Executive race. COUNTY EXECUTIVE CANDIDATE FORUM • SCOTT WALKER AND LENA TAYLOR Wednesday, March 19, 7-8:30pm • Holton Youth Center • 510 E Burleigh St