Straw Poll

Darryl Johnson Executive Director Riverworks Development Corporation Riverworks Business Improvements Districts Supporting: Undecided at this time! Kaytie Kamphoff

Kindergarten teacher, Cass Street School Supporting: Nik Kovac I live and work in the Third District. I support Nik Kovac for Third District Alderperson. I support Nik because he is a young, kind, intellectual, progressive. He understands the importance of development in the Third District, but also wants the new developments to be sustainable and to stand the test of time. It also helps that he is a product of Milwaukee Public Schools, and as a teacher, I always love a good success story. Sally Kasik Third District Resident Supporting: Nik Kovac I support Nik Kovac for the Third District Alderman position because his honesty, intelligence and ability to REALLY listen will restore the integrity that has been missing from the Third District for far too long. Jennifer Morales Milwaukee Board of School Directors Supporting: Sura Faraj The first word that comes to mind when I think of Sura Faraj is integrity. She is brilliant and an incredibly hard worker. Sura will do what she says she’s going to do fairly and openly. Sura walks her talk.