Format: We accept TIFF, PDF, and hi-res JPG files and Adobe PSD and Illustrator files.

Fonts/Graphics: Should be embedded if you send us a PDF.

Color: Provide in CMYK.

B/W: Provide as grayscale or black & white.

If you email your ad to us, please follow these instructions:

Email contact for ad sales:

Email subject: “Your Company Name,” Month of issue for ad to first appear in (E.g., “ABC Corp., Jan. 2007 Issue”)

Email body: Include a contact name and phone number.

Don’t forget: Attach your file!

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Print Ads

Prices vary based on ad size and how many issues the ad will appear in. (There are 1, 6, and 12-month/issues options.) There is a 20% additional charge for color ads and 10% more for guaranteed placement.

Need a Designer?

We will design your ad for $25. There is an additional $5 charge for content or size changes to your repeat ad. We are not responsible for the quality of any ad or for any errors or omissions in any ad that is not designed by our staff.

If you provide your own ad, please make it to the following specifications: