Straw Poll

Mario Costantini Owner, La Lune Collection Supporting: Undeclared I’m on the board of several nonprofits; I have had bad experiences with publicly endorsing a candidate in the past. I’ve found that it’s risky when I do that, so at this time, I’m going to bow out. I do have a candidate I’m supporting, but I’m going to keep it to myself, I guess. Michael J. Cothroll Local Artist, Bartender and 10-year resident of the Third District Supporting: John Connelly I first met John Connelly about a decade ago when we were both students at UWM. He was always talking about city politics. Better mass transit, and New Urbanism to name a few. To see him now, still promoting the same beliefs, all the while consistently dedicating his time to Milwaukee. Shows a person with genuine passion and commitment. Ernie Daniels Owner, Soapies Laundromat Supporting: Nik Kovac I’m going to vote for Nik Kovac. We need someone who is easily accessible and will address the concerns of the neighborhood and also the concerns of the businesses and residents in the neighborhood. Then, making sure that all of the drug houses are cleared out of this area at all times. Ashe Dryden Web Designer Supporting: Patrick Flaherty I support Patrick Flaherty for Alderman because he believes in real change and will positively represent our district.