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Urban Anthropology: An Interview with Jill Florence Lackey

Have you ever walked through a south-side neighborhood and had a sense of its history and mixture of new and old immigrant communities? Have you passed through Halyard Park and been startled to find ranch homes with large yards and few fences in the central city? Exploring and explaining the uniqueness of neighborhoods like these is what Urban Anthropology, Inc. (UrbAn) is all about…

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ABC Academy’s 4th Annual Book Festival

Reading is a family affair. That’s the theme of the ABC Academy’s 4th Annual Book Festival. “CHOICES: Milwaukee’s Black Festival of Books” will be held on Saturday, August 7, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 1950 N. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. The event will feature readings by minority authors, craftmaking, signings, booths, […]

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At the end of a day walking “The Circuit” from breakfast at St. James, to “The Breach,” to dinner at St. Ben’s, the homeless look for shelter. And if the missions are full, or inebriation has been a part of that particular day’s circuit, they look for a place to hide. Often the Riverwest riverbanks offer such a refuge. A daytime walk along the river paths will reveal many such campsites.

Concerned about the shelterless people using Riverside Park as an encampment, the Urban Ecology Center hosted a forum on July 13 led by Dr. Jill Florence Lackey of Marquette University and Urban Anthropology, Inc…

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On Oakland Avenue

Oakland Avenue is in for a change this fall: according to Mike Loughran, the city’s project engineer for bike lane projects, Oakland Avenue will go down to two lanes of car traffic (one each way) with bike lanes to be built before the end of the year. Oakland Avenue joins Water Street, Center Street (soon […]

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They Do Exist

Nate Love was known as Deadwood Dick. He was one of the best cowboys around. Bulldoggin’ Bill Pickett was another rough cowboy from Taylor, Texas. Bronco Sam was known as the cowboy who wasn’t afraid of anything. What you may not know about these cowboys is that they were all African-Americans…