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The Missing Link

Riverwest’s long-awaited bike trail, which would run south from Gordon Park along the old railroad right-of-way, may be in jeopardy if action isn’t taken soon to launch the project…

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1 SUNDAY ART BAR: Open canvas artist. Emma Boyle. 6-11 PM. CIRCLE A: “Alive at 8” w/the Riverwest Aces. 8 PM. $2. RootSunday. 10 PM. EMOTIONS ANONYMOUS: Weekly meeting at St. Mary Czestochowa. 6 PM. 414/372-8085. MAD PLANET: Braid, Murder by Death, Temper Temper, the Response. All ages. 5 PM. 1-800-594-TIXX. RIVERWEST GARDENERS MARKET: DivaNation. […]

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Moonshine Sway Seven Years

Alt-country is a funny beast, ranging from the gothic Christian bluegrass of 16 Horsepower to the old-school-country-isn’t-really-different-from-punk- rock-here-I’ll-show-you of Jason and The Scorchers or Uncle Tupelo. The only real rules are 1) stay true to country’s heart and 2) try something different…