They Do Exist

Black Jack Persey

Nate Love was known as Deadwood Dick. He was one of the best cowboys around. Bulldoggin’ Bill Pickett was another rough cowboy from Taylor, Texas. Bronco Sam was known as the cowboy who wasn’t afraid of anything. What you may not know about these cowboys is that they were all African-Americans. Today, Black cowboys wish to uphold the tradition and remind people that Black cowboys did and still do exist. The Black Horse Riders of Wisconsin’s main goal is to inform the youth of what many history books seem to be missing. The group has been traveling across the nation, getting the word out about the Black cowboy and his many contributions to America. “Inner-city kids don’t get the chance to see those types of things so we bring it to them. Most of them may never get to experience this and that’s a shame,” said Percy Evans, president of the organization. The Black horse riders started out as the Midwest Cowboys about 20 years ago, and they remain a voice for Black Cowboys of the past.