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Eyes Wide Open

It wasn’t easy including local arts writer Tom Bamberger’s tough love critique on the Gordon Park sculpture in this issue. Some argued that it is an insult to the many residents of Riverwest who worked long and hard to bring sculptor David Middlebrook’s work to town. But writer Bamberger has great credentials, and that counts for much in a town where most of the so-called art criticism is mere reporting. Not only is Bamberger an award winning arts writer, this former Riverwest resident has for many years worked long and hard as a photographer.

Is he a disser of most of our public art? Yes, and much of it deserves to be dissed. And to all you readers, since when is no discussion better than an open discussion?

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Civic Graffiti: David Middlebrook’s “Tip” at Gordon Park

It just isn’t that easy. Art it is not a just some symbol that we make up to represent something else. If it were, then we could a make a logo for truth and beauty and be done with it.

How bad is this art? Think of movie Spinal Tap without a sense of humor; imagine Liberace imitating Thelonious Monk. You get the picture. This is pretentious monstrous kitsch. David Middlebrook has given meaning a bad name and produced a three-dimensional brochure. It’s infotainment.

…Surely there are other ways to spend $50,000 to wreck this park less.

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Perseid Meteor Shower

Enjoy the Perseid Showers this August!

No I’m not talking about rain. The Perseid showers happen every year in August and offer a wonderful display of “shooting stars.” The term shooting star is a misnomer in that the brilliant lights traveling across the night sky are not stars, but comet dust. As comets revolve around the sun, dust is left behind in their orbits…