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Brophy Declares Bankruptcy

Two years ago, landlord Tim Brophy hid under one of his tenant’s beds, hoping the police wouldn’t find him. They did. The city was after him then — and still — because of unpaid property taxes and outstanding fines relating to code violations on his vast collection of rental units in Riverwest, Harambee, Brewers Hill, and the East Side, which during its peak included more than 100 properties.

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Urban Anthropology: An Interview with Jill Florence Lackey

Have you ever walked through a south-side neighborhood and had a sense of its history and mixture of new and old immigrant communities? Have you passed through Halyard Park and been startled to find ranch homes with large yards and few fences in the central city? Exploring and explaining the uniqueness of neighborhoods like these is what Urban Anthropology, Inc. (UrbAn) is all about…

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Diversity is Our Alibi

Recently I heard this revision of the popular “Diversity is Our Strength” slogan that is featured on yard signs all over Riverwest: “Diversity is Our Alibi.” I assume the intended point is that there’s a lot of white liberal backslapping about living in an area with an unusually high level of non-white minorities. On the […]

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A Carnival of Dissent

Documentary Captures Divisions, Frustrations in Anti-War Movement A Carnival of Dissent, a documentary on the Milwaukee anti-war movement as of last year, made its debut at the Green Gallery 801 E. Clarke St. on June 12. Produced by local activist and UWM journalism student Nathan Hall with Mike Neuman, Adriane Hoff, and Naomi Lange, about […]

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Flanagan’s Wake

by Thomas Patrick and Daniel Patrick

Me and me second cousin, Daniel Patrick, trekked over the big pond to Grapplin City in County Sligo for the wake o’ Flanagan, our fourth-cousin, twice removed. Everyone was there, even that old fekkin’ ‘oor, Mary Babs, an’ too many tongues went a-waggin’ about her and Flanagan, not to mention most o’ the men o’ Grapplin.