On Oakland Avenue

Oakland Avenue is in for a change this fall: according to Mike Loughran, the city’s project engineer for bike lane projects, Oakland Avenue will go down to two lanes of car traffic (one each way) with bike lanes to be built before the end of the year. Oakland Avenue joins Water Street, Center Street (soon to have bike lanes that extend to the western city limits), and Holton Street, all of which recently had or will have bike lanes installed. When asked about how the lanes would affect traffic on Oakland Avenue, Loughran commented, “I hope it slows it down. People zip through at unsafe speeds through a commercial district… the idea is to calm the traffic.” Oakland Avenue will also gain two new “high definition” crosswalks, according to Loughran. The bikes lanes on Oakland will connect with bike lanes on Kenwood, North Avenue, and the bike ramp at Oakland and North. In other bike lane-related news, Loughran says the city has paved its portion of the beerline bike trail along the Riverboat Road to the North Avenue viaduct. He calls it the “trail to nowhere” right now because the trail that it would hook up with has not yet been built (see cover story on “the missing link.”) “Bicyclists will have to go up the hill to connect with the county line,” he said, referring to the land slated for a trail between Gordon Park and North Avenue. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Where can you get your hair cut and your band’s video produced? The Establishment, new a hair salon/independent film production company in Shorewood. Located at 4503 N. Oakland Ave., The Establishment offers hair styling, color and spa services, as well as aromatherapy message and skin care. Owner Carly Flynn, a Shorewood native, has worked as a stylist in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles for 10 years. Establishment Productions is headed by music video filmmaker and Flynn’s fiance, Howie Goldklang. Goldklang, who was a runner-up for the Grand Jury Prize in the 2004 Milwaukee Short Film Festival, will produce videos for local bands. The Establishment recently sponsored Nick Kane’s photo exhibition as part of Milwaukee’s Gallery Night. Check out or call 414/963-4300 for more information.