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July 2003

THRU JULY 7 WOODLAND PATTERN: Photo Exhibit. Riverwest: Everybody’s Neighborhood. Photos by John Ruebartsch. THRU JULY 25 Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum: Portraits and landscapes by Diane McKay. JULY 6- august 10 CHARLES ALLIS ART MUSEUM: Photography by mother and son duo Sally and Andrew Duback. 1 TUESDAY BI DEFINITION: Milwaukee’s bisexual community organization, open […]

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When It Hits Close To Home

by Knowledge Divine Allah

You see (with your mind), this wasn’t some young, street rogue who got offed by the cops for being a criminal; this was a 21-year-old college student home taking a semester off to work, who was gunned down by an overstressed/overworked cop who lost control of himself and went savage.

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Fact-Finding Missions

by Thomas Durkin

In February, the Milwaukee community welcomed a distinguished guest, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a man of great integrity who has worked tirelessly in the name of justice for people throughout the world. Archbishop Tutu, in town to accept an honorary award from Marquette University, spoke before a standing room only crowd at Gesu Church. And, as expected, Tutu did not shy away from addressing the possibility of war.