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New Community Partner Helps Organize Riverwest

Here’s the drill. You get a knock at your door, and see a friendly, but unfamiliar face. He’s holding a brochure with information about the neighborhood and has a cell phone. The name behind the face is Mark McInerney, and he is not a salesman. The brochure he carries explains his role as the new Community Partner in Riverwest, and his phone and book of numbers are his tools.

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It’s Happening

The official buzz is in the streets. In mid-January Tom Daykin wrote a front page Sunday feature in the Journal Sentinel about Riverwest as an up-and-coming neighborhood. It will be interesting to see what and who we “draw” in the next couple of years. Will the changes be substantial and dramatic? Will we lose our diversity? Will old-timers feel pushed out by “outsiders?”

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Riverwester Runs for Judge

This past month at a gathering of family and friends to celebrate his birthday, life-long Riverwest resident David Borowski declared his candidacy for circuit court judge. Borowski spent his childhood at 2549 N. Bremen St. in the shadow of St. Casimir. His family residence had been an ice cream store run by his grandparents. His father Leonard served Milwaukee County as a social worker while his mother Mary Anne taught school for MPS.

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December 2002

Latina poets – Drum and Civic Leadership Corps – No more Historic Preservation Officer – Riverwest Artist Association Santa-windo-rama – Bremen St. Block Club – Riverwest Best of – Reservoir Park – Co-Op and Credit Union ATMs, food stamps

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Of Abandonment and Anger

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” -Martin Luther King, Jr., “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”

On October 10, about 150 people participated in a Town Hall meeting held in a church at 22nd and Center Streets. Many of them were residents in the area where a mob made up mostly of young teenagers recently beat a man to death. People at the gathering were addressing problems and possible solutions in their neighborhood.