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Staying on Message: The Need of the Catholic Church and the Labor Movement to Stay Focused on Saving Vision

by Fr. Sinclair Oubre, J.C.L.

Rare is an organization that calls its members, and the greater society to raise its head from individual self-centeredness, and see all people as brothers and sisters. Such calls do not move people only to dream about what could be done to create a more loving and life-giving world, but also to recognize a responsibility that each man and woman has for the well being of each and every person.

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September 2003

Through sept 26 CHARLES ALLIS ART MUSEUM: Paintings and Drawings by Will Kolstad. sept 21-oct 26CHARLES ALLIS ART MUSEUM & VILLA TERRACE DECORATIVE ARTS MUSEUM: Andre Ferrella’s organic digital images. 1 MONDAY BREMEN CAFE: Open Mic. 8 PM. COA: Adult Basic Education/GED: 8:30-2 PM. Free. Call Wendy Green at 263-8383, ext. 105 to enroll. Creative […]

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On Pilgrimage in Oklahoma City

by Robert Waldrop, Labor Day, AD 2003, Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House

As this is Labor Day, we should stop for a moment and reflect on the Church’s teachings regarding labor. The Church teaches that labor is superior to capital, but our culture of death of course has reversed this and our economic structures give the advantage to capital. The Church teaches the duty of employers to pay a living wage, but our culture of death makes excuses for low wage employers, even though low wage employers are as deadly to a community as methamphetamine dealers. An unfair and unjust system of globalization, which from beginning to end is rigged to favor the powerful, is destroying jobs in the United States and providing transnational corporations with structural incentives to oppress workers in poor countries with a system characterized by low wages, opposition to unions, and physical coercion of workers.

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RIC Meeting 7/2

Agenda for July meeting and summary of the June meeting of the Riverwest Investment Cooperative. RIC continues to build momentum towards its first purchase.