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Diversity at Work Through Education and Music

Diversity! If there is one word that describes Riverwest, diversity would be it. All a person has to do is spend an observant afternoon in the neighborhood to notice the differences in musical tastes, speech, socio-economic background, race, religion, philosophies, etc. This diversity is what draws many, if not most, of our neighbors to live and stay here. A person is free to exist as the person they wish to be.

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Activists or Heretics? Call to Action Conference for Progressive Catholics

by Adam J. Lovinus A thousand or so anti-war protesters assembled downtown outside the Midwest Express Center the Saturday evening before Election Tuesday, for what appeared to be an old-fashioned activist gettogether: Green Party candidates were out campaigning; there was jangly folk music playing; and freak-flags of all kinds were flying high as peace activist […]

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For The Sake of Our Children

stories and photo by Charlesetta Thompson Malcolm Townsend, Tevin Byrd, Adonis Mitchell and Dell Luckett of J.O.Y. House. Anthony Drane, a young parent and educator is busy trying to make a difference in the lives of young people. Drane has begun a parents’ association on the north side of Milwaukee. It is his dream that […]