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Who’s Leading?

Eudemon found an obscure record with William Burroughs, John Giorno, and Laurie posing on the cover. He lined up to have her sign the album. She sat at a low table, resulting in the supplicants having to kneel to have her sign. Eudemon knelt and asked her about the lyrics of a song as she […]

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Eudemon: The Gift

A deep chill was in the air as Eudemon left his home and headed east on Locust Street. A full moon shone on him as he walked to Riverside’s Urban Ecology Center. As he walked he stared at the moon as the earth’s shadow crept across its face. In the park telescopes were set up […]

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At the Downer Theater

Eudemon parked the car in front of the Downer Theater. It was Thursday night and he and his partner wanted to see “Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working with Time.” It was easy. The parking spot was there, so why not? “We’re early, let’s get something to eat at Henry’s.” So they had a veggie […]

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All One or None

“Alright, now we’re going to lift up the parachute over our heads and then take two steps forward and all the five year olds are going to run across to the other side, got it?” And so they did. Eudemon was at Ralph Bronner’s 167th birthday party. . .

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The Simple Life

“I want the simple things Ya know the Beatles and all The love you take is equal to the love you make That measure has value” Saturday night Eudemon went to the Polish Falcon; he was invited by friends to come and dance and share some food. Maybe have a beer if you were so […]

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