The Simple Life

Eudemon“I want the simple things Ya know the Beatles and all The love you take is equal to the love you make That measure has value” Saturday night Eudemon went to the Polish Falcon; he was invited by friends to come and dance and share some food. Maybe have a beer if you were so inclined. It was those folks who like the Urban Ecology Center across the river, Ken and Carijean, workers and friends. Eudemon danced and danced, spinning until he almost turned to butter. He caught the eye of Suzanne, two Suzannes and a Sue, actually, and danced some more. Good people make good times. In the bar, another scene, the boys were there to kick up some dust. One of their own was getting married and this was Trent’s event. A level-headed guy taking a big step. Nice fellows all, I’m sure they had a good time. Dare not say what they got up to Saturday night. At the Commons a sad goodbye. A long-time Riverwester stolen away. Beth and Jess are on their way. Near Madison is where they’ll stay. Linneman’s was Eudemon’s last stop and as always a hopping spot. The band was hot and Jim and Marty were working the scene. Eudemon got to see the plans for the dream, a bigger stage, and nice apartment. These two have earned their dream. Last call and all is done. Time for simple things like sleep to come. Riverwest Currents – Volume 2 – Issue 6 – June 2003