All One or None

“Alright, now we’re going to lift up the parachute over our heads and then take two steps forward and all the five year olds are going to run across to the other side, got it?” And so they did. Eudemon was at Ralph Bronner’s 167th birthday party. It was at Wellspring, an organic farm and retreat center outside of Newburg, just a few miles north and west of Milwaukee. It was a warm June Saturday. Ralph really isn’t 167 but Eudemon guessed that the “ALL-ONE” soap company was. He had heard that the Bronners had been in the soap business in the “old country.” Wellspring is a pleasant place. Garden beds run away from the main house to a line of trees and the buzzing of a bevy of bee houses. A pond dug for ducks sported only tadpoles today. Off in another field, a labyrinth held onto Eudemon and folks walking in crazy circle sections until they reached the center which sported a fine display of quartz crystals. Hanging out at Wellspring was a pleasant way to spend a summer afternoon. Ralph was at ease listening to folk songs and shaking hands. Eudemon first saw Ralph at the Coffee House on 19th and Wisconsin, that landmark of acoustic music. Eudemon remembered him as somewhat of a huckster but eventually he convinces you he is, as his dad, Dr. Bronner, might say, A TRUE BELIEVER. Ralph is selling his ideas about commerce and human value, as well as some soap with a little folk music bubbling along. Eudemon pondered the label of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. A bottle covered with religious screed, numbered sayings, words of wisdom revealed by Dr. Bronner. The print is so small he couldn’t read it on the 32-ounce. 18 in 1 Hemp PEPPERMINT pure castille soap, Eudemon’s favorite. “Let’s see here I’ll pick one, no, I’ll ask one of the young women over there to pick a number; that brings some divine randomness into it. Please pick a number between 1 and 144. Ok, 98 is it. My eyes can’t read print that small can you read it for me.” “Sure,” she said, “I just got new contacts and I can see great. Number 98, ‘If ever One Religion reunites God’s legions, it’ll be by omitting all half truths added on to All-One-God-Faith, that lightning-like unites the Human race for we’re All-One or none! Listen Children Eternal Father Eternally One.’ as teach since the Year One astronomers Abraham to Mohammed, inspired by the sign of the Messiah, Hailey’s comet!” “All one or none!,” said Eudemon. “I like that part.” A welcome breeze crossed the fields of Wellspring. Two of the three members of “Sweet Diversity” sang acapella as a jester guided the giant hamster wheel down the lane with an adventurous 10 year old inside. All one or none. Riverwest Currents – Volume 2 – Issue 7 – July 2003