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Ten Things Eudemon Likes To Do In May

10. Walk to a park on one of those first truly warm days and sit in the sun with his eyes closed, listening to the birds chirping and the children playing. 9. Hike through the woods in the river valley to Meeting at the Quaker Friends Center. 8. Dig in the garden with the warm […]

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Eudemon Goes To Washington

“Clickity clack, clickity clack, the wheels a sailing on the railroad track.” So goes the Kingston Trio song from Eudemon’s childhood. He wanted to go to Washington when he was 12 years old to visit the Lincoln Memorial and the Smithsonian and see the Capitol and the White House. It wasn’t to be, but here […]

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Citizen Kane lay on his deathbed and uttered his last word, “Rosebud.” This is an enigma to those who hear it. But the magic that is motion pictures reveals the longing for those joys of secure childhood play. A simple toy — a sled — is what this man of wealth and power remembers as […]

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It’s Friday Night!

This Friday it is a short trip over to Boobie’s Place — 502 W. Garfield. Boobie’s is just west of MLK Drive on Garfield. The large windows of the bar/restaurant look out onto the unusual cityscape of Halyard Park.

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Oh Cosmic Particle Undefined!

Riverwest hugs the River and the River hugs back. Most of the land in the River Valley as it runs through the neighborhood has been allowed to revert to wildness. Eudemon hikes down the trail to the River through the Koenen land preserve at the Friend’s Center….

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