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Mayoral Candidates on Most Important Neighborhood Issues

Eight mayoral candidates were asked the following question: “What do you think is the most important issue facing our city neighborhoods, and how would you address that concern as mayor?” Here are the answers from Tom Barrett, Pedro Colon, Frank Cumberbatch, Sandy Folaron, Martin Matson, Tom Nardelli, and Marvin Pratt.

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The Compelling Art of Denis Kitchen

Tea Krulos interviews cartoonist Denis Kitchen

“Why don’t you publish comics by women?” they said sternly. “There aren’t very many good women cartoonists,” I stupidly responded. They inched their chairs toward me again. “I’ll look harder,” I promised. The intimidation continued. Finally, one of them, I believe it was Jennie Orvino Sorcic, a local poet with prominent breasts, produced a copy of Mom’s Homemade Comics. “Why do you draw women with large breasts?” she demanded. I wanted to say with a smirk, “I draw what I see,” but was scared shitless and instead apologized for the error of my ways.

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July 2003

Garbage incident – National Trails Day – Annual Hank Aaron Trail Project Run – Block Clubs Cleanup – 2004 National Green Convention in Milwaukee – Funds for Block Parties – Scam Artists – First Annual Preserve Milwaukee Picnic – Tamarack Trips – Candidate Folaron in Riverwest – Denis Kitchen – Frank Zeidler and others at Riverwest Community History Book Reception – Mising Mail – Milwaukee Bicycle Collective – Annual Garfield Avenue Blues – Trees for Center St. – Gordon Park Splash Pad