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Defining Our Assertive Ambivalence

by James Rovira

The true ignorance of the peace protesters isn’t demonstrated by their opposition and protests before the war began, however. It is fully demonstrated by their continuing demand for the withdrawal of US troops even after the war has ended. The futility and stupidity of this gesture amazes me….

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RNA Bylaws

FROM: Shawn Smart, RNA Co-Chair =============================== Neighbors: Attached is the final draft in content of our bylaws approved on March 11, 2003. Editors able to detect and correct glaring grammer and spelling errors appreciated. Voting privileges, election of officers; creation of a board were controversial issues. I suggest to neighbors in disagreement with the final […]

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Public Officials Attend Reception at LGBT Community Center for National Coming Out Day: OutVote’s “Vote Naked” Campaign Encourages Voters to Apply for Absentee Ballots

For Riverwesters used to contentious public meetings with their elected officials, this meeting felt a bit kinder and gentler. On October 10, the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgendered (“LGBT”) Community Center hosted its annual Public Officials reception in honor of National Coming Out Day.