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David Riemer to Challenge Scott Walker

A resident of the Washington Heights neighborhood, Riemer is running on a strong platform of fiscal responsibility and government efficiency, issues to which Walker also pays plenty of lip service. But Riemer, a moderate Democrat, says there’s a real difference between their strategies. “Walker is consistently underestimating expenses and overestimating revenues. This is NOT an honest budget,” he says, referring to the county budget passed last month.

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Riverwest Neighborhood Association News

At the November 11 RNA meeting, Dave Schlabowske of the Milwaukee office of the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin attended to ask for feedback on the status of bike lanes and bike rack sites in Milwaukee. Current bike routes were set up in 1993 and have not been reviewed since. BFW is currently reviewing the entire network, filling in gaps, and repainting lanes. . . .

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Mayoral Candidate Debate 10/20

The Milwaukee Turners’ quarterly membership meeting on October 20th will include a mayoral candidate debate with six of the declared candidates. One of the questions to be posed to the candidates will deal with bike/ped issues in the City of Milwaukee. Once the formal Q&A is finished, questions will then be allowed from the audience.