Milwaukee, WI-Robert Miranda will announce that he is declaring himself a candidate for the office of the 12th Aldermanic district on Tuesday, October 7, 2003 at 2:00 P.M. The press conference will be held on the corner of 14th and National Ave. on the city’s Southside BRIDGING the Latino Community Center and Esperanza Unida. “Recently, the incumbent alderman for this district tried to separate and divide these two great organizations by taking money from one and dangling it in front of the other. The incumbent alderman took money from Esperanza Unida’s program and offered to give it to the Latino Community Center. Fortunately for themselves, for the organizations, for our youth, and our community, the Latino Community Center turned down the money and would not play the old and tired games of turning one of us against another —for money. Not because the Latino Community Center did not need the money, but because there is something much more precious and much more important than money — that is “la Buena Voluntad entre nosotros para con nosotros —the good will among us for us.” That senores, senoras, is honor, respect, and cultura,” said Robert Miranda. Miranda states that the incumbent has been unresponsive to his constituents and has failed to create effective measures that connect residents to the growing economic renaissance now taking place in the district. “I have heard over and over again from different groups and individuals living and working in the 12th district that the incumbent as been working to help create small business monopolies. When I become Alderman I will work to provide access to all who are seeking to take part in the new economic rebirth taking place in the Menomenee Valley and Walker’s Point,” continued Miranda.