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The monthly neighbor spotlight.

Mike Froemming

by Peter Schmidtke / photo by Peter DiAntoni An individual as independent as Mike Froemming knows he’s not going to please everyone. From the bottom flat of a sun-bleached, yellow two-story house on Center Street just east of the Fuel Cafe, where he has lived since 1983, Froemming talks about his affection for dogs, his […]

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Brigitte Hardick

by Peter Schmidtke / photograph by Peter DiAntoni On a sunny Sunday morning over coffee on Downer Avenue, 23-year-old Hardrick laid out her plans for the future. Even though it’s sweltering outside on this day, and it’s her day off from work, she wears long pants and a pin-striped shirt.

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Juanita Ellias

by Sonya Jongsma Knauss / photograph by Peter DiAntoni At an age when many women are settling into mid-life activities and looking forward a decade or two to retirement, Ellias decided to apprentice herself to a wood-worker in Milwaukee. She took a few classes, and when he went out of business, she decided to open […]

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Dr. Dave

by Sonya Jongsma Knauss, photo by Peter DiAntoni Dr. Dave was David Schemberger, MD, in a previous life, but he stopped practicing more than a decade ago. He became convinced modern medicine was causing more problems than it was solving. “I saw myself giving pills to people who continued to abuse themselves in habitual ways […]

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Jonny Ziegler

by Eryn Moris / photograph by Peter DiAntoni “I have this stereotypical Catholic guilt like ‘You should be in school, you should be working a straight job, you should get married and have a family,’” he says. “I always have that on one shoulder and then on this other one, ‘You know you should get […]

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