Poems by Ellen, Portrait from Poet’s Monday (Linneman’s) by T. Kloss, Photo by Vince Bushell with inspirational card of Mermaid and Jester                 Who’s Who?                     Mermaid:                                                                                  Jester: “The story held within this shell                                                 “I bring you flowers to adorn Is ancient, still you know it well.                                                And still you leave me every morn’, The sea is constant, ever there                                                   I laugh and sing and dance for you She breeds all life, and keeps her share.                                     But never stall your soft adieu. The sea is change, she’s never still,                                            There is no place for tears in me She questions not la Luna’s will.                                                 I share you bravely with the sea.                                                                         – I offer you this gift to take,                                                        I’ll take your gift to juggle with. Reminder of the plans we make.                                                  If it should shatter so goes myth To you I came from out the sea                                                    For tho’ I touch your lustrous hair And she will never set me free.                                                   I’m never truly sure you’re there. You laugh as if you know all this                                                  Still,kiss me my enigma sweet Go now but leave no final kiss.”                                                  ‘Neath Luna’s eye again we’ll meet”   ellenwarrenklossweb.jpg   What Doesn’t Kill You What doesn’t kill you (and that can be a surprising thing) Makes you strong. (like a superhero.  like dynamite.) I like (many things.  I like oh so many things.) to say… What doesn’t kill you (like a bullet.  a hardened heart.  dismemberment.) Grows you strong. (oak trees.  star systems.)   Sarah, the Run-Away, Comes to Stay Cross grain ribbon Grains crossing to beautiful effect A lighted bulb interrupting the blackness of night The darkness of night imprisoning the light This is a change inside a change wrought from outer forces Where you are I was Yet time ceases, is irrelevant when I remember my own sources for the look I see in your eyes. Are you here that I may assist you in uncovering your treasures and burying what is dead or deserves to die? Or have you landed in my life, my home to help me dig up my own bones and diamonds? Yes, we might say if we met in our dreams Yes, we might say we are the same dreamer with bodies sleeping separate lives Bodies distant in age and space But spirits, souls overlapping like two surfaces on the same pond impossible but undeniable. Haiku: In the wood’s center A deer finds its perfect home Only the trees speak My hands feel empty I could fill them with rubies It would not matter The moon is cleansing The starlight is redemptive Turn your face skyward Singing for supper Eating breakfast on a limb Life is for the birds