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The monthly neighbor spotlight.

Wayne Wallner

by Peter Schmidtke A bicycle messenger and business owner, a dabbler in film and music, a building renovator — Wayne Wallner, for lack of a better phrase, is a modest jack of all trades.

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Lorraine Jacobs

by Peter Schmidtke A Dalmatian, a file chock-full of Urban Ecology Center materials, a formidable pile of sociology books, and several hardwood shelves laden with scrap booking paraphernalia. These are what catches the eye as Lorraine Jacobs sits at her dining room table in her light-green, walk-up home on the 2400 block of Dousman and […]

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George Martin

by Jan Christensen “I’m in a time of my life when I can really make a difference.” George Martin has a face that settles naturally into a smile, but today his expression is serious. “My kids are grown up. I have a lot of support. And I have a chance to use what gifts I […]

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Amada Morales

by Peter Schmidtke The orange Chuck E. Cheese balloon trapped against the high white ceiling of Amada Morales and Curtis Green’s one-bedroom apartment is too much for one-year-old Jordan. He peers up at it and giggles while his mother tickles the curls that form a natural mohawk atop his head, his face all eyes and […]

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Shelly and Andy

by Sonya Jongsma Knauss I can’t think of a couple who better embody the punk “Do-It-Yourself” ethic than Shelly McClone and Andy Yeager. The first time I set foot in the Riverwest Co-op Shelly was working there. I remember being welcomed and greeted with a smile. She was cleaning the store, wearing a tight multi-striped […]

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