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Eco Friendly Gifts

Do you have difficulty coming up with unique gifts for friends and family? Why not keep both their interests and the environment in mind when buying this holiday season? Eco-friendly gifts are abundant, and you can find a great gift for nearly anyone with a little investigation.

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Citizen Scientists

When you hear the word “scientist,” what comes to mind? A man with a white lab coat, goggles, and frizzy hair holding a beaker of bubbling, mysterious liquid? How about a grandmother of three, tagging a monarch butterfly? How about a high school student counting snakes in a neighborhood park, or your co-worker listening for […]

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Perseid Meteor Shower

by Beth Fetterley Enjoy the Perseid Showers this August! No I’m not talking about rain. The Perseid showers happen every year in August and offer a wonderful display of “shooting stars.” The term shooting star is a misnomer in that the brilliant lights traveling across the night sky are not stars, but comet dust. As […]

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