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Nature’s Velcro

This spring the multitude of golden- and ruby-crowned kinglets flitting through trees along the Milwaukee River reminds me of a lesson learned while teaching a group of Franklin Pierce Elementary students more than three years ago. Kinglets are some of the smallest birds in the park, and the tale that follows is one that serves […]

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Home Grown Goodness

by Jamie Plouff It’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a connection with our neighbors, our community, and most importantly our land. Individuals meeting in Riverwest are trying to change that. Local residents and a group of farmers are joining together to bring fresh produce to the city, while building more sustainable communities.This initiative centers on […]

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The Milwaukee River as Our Guide

by Tim Vargo Quick quiz: Dorothy, Toucan Sam, and the three wise men. What do they all have in common? They all had a destination and something to use as a guide. Dorothy had the yellow brick road, Toucan Sam had his nose, and the Wise Men had the star of Bethlehem. Interestingly, our Riverwest […]

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Where Do Bugs Go In the Winter?

by Beth Fetterly One of the wonders of nature is the seemingly complete disappearance of insects once the temperature drops below freezing and the subsequent multitudes of insects swarming each summer. Where do insects go in the winter? Do they die? Hibernate? Migrate? Stay active? The answer is yes. Insects are the most diverse order […]

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