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Garden Park Summer 2008

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What’s happening in Garden Park on Bremen & Locust?
by Maria Karpfinger

At Garden Park on Bremen & Locust, you will find plenty of activities this summer. The farmers market continues every Sunday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm through October. Come enjoy your breakfast at our new picnic tables (now with umbrellas), then shop for the week. There are free activities for kids, family and friends.

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WEB ONLY CONTENT • Greenfolks Garden Notes
by Sarah Moore

“In memory of Walter Kmet, a proud Riverwest resident since 1962 whose passion for gardening brought him much joy. His hope would be that this garden also bring you joy.”
These are the words on a memorial stone that has been added to the Greenfolks Garden. In Walter’s honor his son Ken Kmet, of KWK Electric, made a generous contribution for purchasing the plots from the city last year.

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Tim Brophy RE-revisited


Just when we thought something having to do with Tim Brophy’s unhappy affairs would be concluded in a just and honorable way, the story continues to defy closure. (Or should we say Tim Brophy continues to defy closure?)
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the saga, here is some history.
Let’s go back to March of 2006 when Jessica Wineberg initiated the lawsuit against landlord Brophy after the city, due to outstanding building code violations, ousted her from the apartment she’d rented from him only days earlier. Brophy didn’t return her security deposit within the time allotted. So she sued him.
In January of 2007 the case was found to be appropriate for a Class action and opened to anyone who’d rented from Brophy between March 30, 2000 and May 15, 2007, provided there were uncorrected housing and building code violations that Brophy failed to disclose, or they were not returned their security deposits or given an explanation as to why within the required 21 days. There are presently over 100 plaintiffs who fit these standards.

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Health Matters:
Fueling Young Minds
By Emily DeLeo
Summertime brings sunny days, music festivals and free summer meals for kids!  Once again, Hunger Task Force’s Fueling Young Minds program is providing free meals at locations throughout Milwaukee, thanks to a grant from the Harley-Davidson Foundation and support from Milwaukee Public Schools and other community agencies.

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Nature Notes July 2008


When Every Day Is The Best Day!

by Ken Leinbach, Urban Ecology Center Executive Director
What a great day to be alive!  It’s pouring rain like cats and dogs outside my window and I can’t wait to get outside!  As a kid I remember the great regattas when the street gutters became our fantasy world and popsicle sticks became elegant racing canoes.