Read It Here • Web only content  What’s happening in Garden Park on Bremen & Locust? by Maria Karpfinger At Garden Park on Bremen & Locust, you will find plenty of activities this summer. The farmers market continues every Sunday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm through October. Come enjoy your breakfast at our new picnic tables (now with umbrellas), then shop for the week. There are free activities for kids, family and friends. On the third Sunday of each month, Milwaukee Network for Social Change, Friends of Garden Park and Milwaukee Urban Gardens will sponsor a freecycle event. Freecycling is the exchange of goods without the exchange of money. Bring stuff you don’t want or can’t use and take stuff you can. We also provide you with the opportunity to freecycle your skills. Workshops are held on freecycle days. If you’d like to run a small workshop of one to five people on painting, knitting, drumming or anything else, see the Market Manager and she will find both a place for your workshop and some participants. Gain a following and you may potentially be paid to do a workshop at the park. Look forward to free dinners or snacks such as pesto, salsa, or pizza, all prepared from the garden harvest. Come cook, share a meal and help pick the ripe fruits of the garden to take home. Look for dates on soon-to-be-built Garden Park kiosk. You can also call 795-5063 and leave your email and phone number or address. Or email with the same information. Please put Garden Park Contact list in subject line. Observe the butterfly garden for flying visitors. Or participate in other events including monthly movies. Coming soon: make biodiesel, cook it while watching a movie, then see how it works as it is used in a car. Finally join us on Sundays, generally at 12:00 pm, for Garden work days. If you have ideas for other activities, come on down and share them. See you at the market and in the park!