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Bremen Cafe • New Owner

READ IT HERE • WEB ONLY STORY by Will Mueller Tap beer, refinished floors and a new paint job are just a few of the summer improvements the Bremen Café’s new owner David Copp has planned for the Riverwest establishment. Copp purchased the Bremen Café (931 E. Clarke St.) this January along with his father. […]

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Ask the Ecologist July 2008

READ IT HERE • WEB ONLY ARTICLE Q:  I’ve read about the chemical Bisphenol A being in some types of plastic. Is Bisphenol A hazardous to our health? What plastics should we avoid? Is this chemical still being put in plastics?  A: As with most chemical studies, Bisphenol A safety analyses are done using animals, […]

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Art and Bricks and Mortar

by Jason Hart The Riverwest Artists Association has been around since 1980, but you can forgive yourself for not knowing about them. Six years ago they were forced to move out of their location on Fratney and Auer because of a leaking roof. Since then, they’ve been working out of a post office box. That […]

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Further Down Stream July 2008

NEWS IN OUR AREA GUILTY – Former alderman Mike McGee was found guilty on all nine federal counts of extortion and bribery on June 24 following six hours of deliberation by the jury. Sentencing is scheduled for Oct 24 where he faces up to 30 years, but likely much less. “Based upon the evidence, Ald. […]

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24 Hour Pedal Party

 I need to get in shape. On a pleasant spring afternoon I rode with Paul Kjelland and Mike McGarry, two of the event organizers of RW24, along the route of the upcoming 24-hour Riverwest bike race. They wanted to check for potential kinks and checkpoint changes.

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