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There’s no reason to rush to see Tom Uttech’s retrospective at the Milwaukee Art Museum. It opened in July and will be around until early October when the leaves on Wisconsin’s trees ignite our landscape with garish shades of red, orange, and yellow — not unlike those Uttech unleashes in his paintings and prints…

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Strange Brew: Brewers Give Fans Something to Cheer About

At first glance, the Milwaukee Brewers and 70s super rock group Led Zeppelin might not appear to share many similarities. However, while organizing my CDs this winter, I noticed that several Zeppelin song titles encapsulate what it feels like to have been a Brewers’ fan for the last ten or so years: Trampled Underfoot, Heartbreaker, The Song Remains the Same.

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Where Design Lives

Generally, designers are an anonymous lot. They almost never receive acknowledgment from their clients, and they almost never sign the works they create, yet they are responsible for much of our visual and material culture. Brett Vladika and Michael Nickel. Two designers. Two Riverwest residents. Remarkable contributors to the rich fabric in our neighborhood.

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Something Old, Something New

August is a time for massive humidity, sweltering heat, one last thrill before school, and Lake Michigan actually not giving you frostbite when you step in it. So I decided to hit an established place and the new kid on the block. Don’t try to follow the logic, you’ll only get a headache…