Support Our Right to Travel at Bush Protest 10/3

“SUPPORT OUR RIGHT TO TRAVEL” at Bush protest Friday 11am-1pm in Milwaukee This Friday, Oct. 3rd, George W. Bush will appear in Milwaukee at the Italian Community Center, 631 E. Chicgo St., for a luncheon fundraiser for his re-election campaign. At our last meeting we decided to raise the demand: “SUPPORT OUR RIGHT TO TRAVEL” as part of a Bush protest demonstration for peaceful alternatives, which has since been agreed to take place this Friday, from 11am-1pm, just south of the ICC, at the corner of Menominee and Jackson Streets, in Milwaukee. (See detailed directions below.) We have a few signs on the travel issue, but a large banner would be the most effective. The overall focus of the demonstration will be against the war policies and the shifting of expenditures from domestic needs, but defense of our civil rights is one of the overall demands, and we are welcome to bring our signs. Therefore, we invite you to: 1. Join in the demonstration, and if possible bring signs with messages such as: “SUPPORT OUR RIGHT TO TRAVEL,” “END THE TRAVEL BAN TO CUBA,” “End the Cuban Embargo,” “Let Cuba Live,” etc.; & if you have or want to bring any signs in support of freeing the Cuban Five, that would also be appropriate. After negotiations with the police, the agreed location for the protest is just east and south of the ICC and its parking lot, at the corner of Jackson and Menominee (which is one bock south of Chicago St.), where the street will be blocked off to accomodate the demonstration. The best way to get there is from just south of the ICC, as follows: take Water St. to the first street south of Chicago, which is at that point Erie St.; take Erie east a couple of blocks, and the take Corcoran St. somewhat diagonally to go the block north to Menominee, and at that point you should be at or very near Jackson. IF you try to go east on Chicago, past the front of the ICC (& police allow through traffic there), then try to go south one block on Jackson to Menominee St. 2. Anyone who can help in any way make a larger banner before then to “SUPPORT OUR RIGHT TO TRAVEL,” please contact my office at (414) 273-1040, and indicate when you could come, and what materials we should supply or pay for. 3. FYI, there will also be an earlier demonstration, focussing on the loss of jobs and taking benefits from working families, sponsored by the AFL-CIO Milw. County Labor Council and allies, from 9:30-10:30am. They have asked to be right in front of the ICC, on Chicago St. or right accross the street, but I am not aware if the police will allow this gathering there. There will be a planning meeting for this demonstation at 3pm on Wedn. Oct. 1st at the Labor Council office, 633 S. Hawley Rd., and one can call (414) 771-7070 for later info. There will be a planning meeting for the “peace/peaceful priorities” demonstration on Wedn. Oct. 1st at 7pm at the Peace Action Center, 1001 E. Keefe, and later info can be obtained by calling (414) 964-5158, or possibly through The public is invited to both events, and a number of people are planning to particpate in both. Thanks, Art Heitzer. News issued by: Milwaukee Coalition to Normalize Relations With Cuba 633 W. Wisconsin Ave. Suite 1410, Milwaukee, WI 53203 (414) 273-1040 ext. 12 Check out our website: ______________________________________________________