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A Better Companion Dog Training

Sarah Braun runs a dog training business in Riverwest where she and her family live. Sarah came to us looking for natural dog food, but after just a couple encounters we knew she was going to fit into our lives as more than just a customer. She had an immediate rapport with our dogs, Jade and MacGyver, and has helped us break bad habits in both dogs’ behavior with easy-to-use suggestions.

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Milwaukee Artists Politically Apathetic?

by Peter Goldberg

Although something and someone must have driven Ashcroft behind closed doors, it certainly isn’t Milwaukee’s artist community who profess to warrant attention for their expressive talents. The Dossier Project was conceived to explore the implications of the developing security state and surveillance society for our democracy and to alert Milwaukeeans to this brave, new world. Although we have had submissions from various parts of the nation, the response from Milwaukee’s artistic community has been lackluster to dismal.