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Canine Separation Anxiety

Most dogs can handle periods of time alone, but for others, isolation can be so upsetting that they suffer overwhelming anxiety and may engage in destructive behavior. Dogs with separation anxiety might chew or scratch through doors, defecate or urinate indoors, bark and/or whine repetitively, and even show such self-destructive habits as chewing or licking […]

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A River of Poop

With spring showers come… rivers of dog poop? So said one caller who recently left a message on the Currents’ voice mail saying there was a “river of dog poop” on the sidewalk in front of her house. It is that time of year when all the hidden trash, debris and yes, dog poop, is […]

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Butterscotch and the Link

by Ashley Hardin It was a day in late May, the sun was shining, and a homeless cat lay bruised and bloody on the streets of Milwaukee. A group of children had decided that it would be a fun game to see who could run over him with a bike the most times. It is […]

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