A Better Companion Dog Training

by Stacy Controy

Sarah Braun runs a dog training business in Riverwest where she and her family live. Sarah came to us looking for natural dog food, but after just a couple encounters we knew she was going to fit into our lives as more than just a customer. She had an immediate rapport with our dogs, Jade and MacGyver, and has helped us break bad habits in both dogs’ behavior with easy-to-use suggestions. Sarah has helped board, groom, and train dogs since she was a child, and it has been her livelihood almost all of her adult life. “I’m a dog freak because of my grandma,” said Sarah. “She bred Poodles and did confirmation and obedience with her dogs and I loved it. I was always the kid who bothered all the neighbors to be able to walk their dogs,” she laughed. In Salt Lake City for several years as a kennel-hand at a boarding, grooming, and training facility, Sarah learned from someone she deems “the best trainer in Salt Lake City,” Joey Hobbs. “I spent a lot of time with aggressive dogs. I decided to make a career in training when I saw what a difference one-on-one professional counseling could make between dogs and their care-givers,” explained Braun. Sarah has been in business for herself as a dog trainer since 1996 after receiving her professional certification from The National K-9 School of Dog Training in Columbus, Ohio. While most schools only teach one philosophy of dog training, National K-9 teaches multiple methods and how to incorporate them in order to best train each individual dog. “I don’t have to start at the bottom with each client. They don’t have to scratch what they know if they’ve already taken obedience classes, and it’s all based upon love and respect,” she concluded. She specializes in helping families solve problem behavior in their dogs with one-on-one counseling sessions, all levels of obedience training, Service & Assist Dogs, as well as aggressive or difficult dogs and dogs with handicaps. Sarah also provides six- to eight-week leash training classes and residency or day care options for people who don’t have the time to participate in the training themselves. Sarah is available for evening or day appointments. She offers free evaluations and you can call or e-mail to request a brochure. Though pricing can vary for residency and day care training, she generally charges $40 per hour to train at her residence and $50 per hour at your home. Often just a session or two is needed to resolve issues in most dogs. To speak with Sarah about your dog’s needs, call “A Better Companion Dog Training” at (414) 264-4818 or e-mail .