Archive | April 2003

Hardwood Furnishings at Sup Design

by Peter Schmitdke / photos by Tess Reiss Martin Dietrich runs his hand over a newly varnished bar top that is propped on a couple of garbage cans in his Sup Design shop. “The wood doesn’t look at all like that when it comes in,” he says. Dietrich points to a dozen or so industrial […]

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Greer Oaks Gallery

Walking into Calvin Greer’s spacious Victorian home, you encounter two of his most highly valued African Art pieces on exhibit: a Benin (Nigeria locale) Oba bronze and a Bamun (Cameroon) fertility figure. The restored Victorian dwelling at 2463 N. Palmer St. is more than a home for people. The Greer Oaks Art Gallery is home […]

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For those who ain’t heard by now, Element’s solo song, “Show and Prove” is featured on the sound track of rapper LL Cool J’s major motion picture, Deliver Us from Eva. Her soul-deep vocals and innovative style make her a crucial force on her own as well as an essential member of the dynamic musical […]

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Eudemon Goes To Washington

“Clickity clack, clickity clack, the wheels a sailing on the railroad track.” So goes the Kingston Trio song from Eudemon’s childhood. He wanted to go to Washington when he was 12 years old to visit the Lincoln Memorial and the Smithsonian and see the Capitol and the White House. It wasn’t to be, but here […]

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Where Do You Find Peace?

Not a breath of wind. Soft sounds of the river flowing over an ancient wooden dam. The dark silhouette of a fox appeared almost by magic on the snow-covered ice. It stopped perfectly still, then silently strode on, scrambled up the opposite bank and disappeared into the woods. An absolute moment of peace… a necessary […]

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