Health Care Reform Summit – Monday, April 23

by Emily DeLeo

There are many individuals in this community who do not have access to affordable health care. A recent Riverwest survey shows that 40% of respondents reported that cost had kept them from seeing a doctor or buying medication in the previous year (2004- 2006 Riverwest Community Health Assessment).

There is hope for a solution to this problem here in the state of Wisconsin – and you can be a part of it!

The Riverwest Health Initiative is partnering with Citizen Action of Wisconsin to bring you a Health Care Reform Summit. This is an opportunity to learn from experts about the three proposed health care reform plans for the state. You can ask questions about how this will affect you personally. You will even have the chance to write letters to your legislator and share your personal stories of living without health insurance or adequate coverage.

If you have ever gone without needed health care because you simply cannot afford it, you need to come to the Health Care Reform Summit.

If your employer offers health insurance, but you can’t afford to pay your part, or if high deductibles keep you from using the health care system, you need to come to the Summit. If you use health insurance now but understand that rising costs threaten everyone’s coverage, you need to come too.

At the Summit you can learn about the options facing our legislature, and you can also provide input that may help shape the future health care plan for the state. To learn more about the health care reform campaign, go to www.

Emily DeLeo is the Community Health Liaison for the Riverwest Health Initiative. She can be reached at 263- 8383 x.139.

If You Go: Riverwest Health Care Reform Summit
Friends Meeting House
3224 N. Gordon Place
(park behind Gaenslen School)
Monday, April 23, 7 pm
Talk to representatives from proposed state health care reform plans.
We are all entitled to affordable health care!

Riverwest Currents online edition – April, 2007