An Oasis in the Heart of Harambee

by Charlesetta Thompson Photo by Kurt Johnson

Dr. Janine A. James, president of The Cromwellness Perinatal Center of Wisconsin, S.C. finds creative and innovative ways to provide services to the uninsured and underinsured. Because of problems with accessing malpractice insurance, Dr. James is currently not treating pregnant women. She is working as a general practitioner, treating men, women and children.

Dr. James recently purchased a facility at 3353 North Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Drive. It is being used not only to provide medical care but also as a health and wellness center. The center has a very calm and serene atmosphere. Dr. James believes that stress may in fact alter the immune system, making it difficult for patients to recuperate and heal.

In the future Dr. James plans are to invite other health and wellness or supportive services to rent space in the facility. The Milwaukee Birthing Project, providing on-going support for young mothers, and the Patient Prescription Assistance Service, offering ways for seniors and other clients to obtain medicine at affordable prices, are just two of the projects housed at the center.

Dr. James is open to bartering for her services. The overhead and upkeep of such a facility is costly; if some service providers volunteer or charge minimal fees, she will be able to provide additional services for uninsured and underinsured patients. Space for some community functions is also available. Dr. James continues to look for creative ways to bring in revenue so that she can serve more patients. Also in the future she hopes to offer seminars and classes on weight management, diabetes, stress reduction and natural supplements.

The Clinic is an oasis in our community. Dr. James is very concerned about the well-being of families and their ability to access health care. With a background in obstetrics and gynecology, she has an interest in the health and wellness of mothers and babies. On the walls of Cromwellness are many paintings of fathers and babies.

Dr. James understands the multiple tasks of many of today’s adults, since in her personal life she provides some care for her mother and uncle.

If you need urgent care and do not have insurance, don’t let that discourage you. Give Dr. James a call. Same day appointments may be available.

If You Go:
Cromwellness Perinatal Center of Wisconsin, S.C.
3353 N. Dr. Martin L.
King, Jr. Drive

Riverwest Currents online edition – April, 2007