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Let’s Start a Revolution

Like many creative projects, Kristin Catalano’s Let’s Start a Revolution isn’t exactly what she set out to make. While visiting family on break from UCLA, her cousin took her to see Trolley, and the rest, as they say, is now available for sale at Exclusive Music Company. “I wanted to do a documentary on my family originally, but my grandparents weren’t very cooperative. I still want to do that. . .it was more like, ‘Wow you guys are so good.’ It was very of the moment, very right place, right time. It really helps them as a promotional tool, too.

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The Magic Bus

Sometimes, you can get the facts. Sometimes you just have to be content with reporting what you know.

The bus appeared in Riverwest a couple of weeks ago. It was parked on Center Street. It was a big old yellow school bus, but it was painted black.