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Oumar Sangna – SINDOOLA – CD Release Party

Oumar Sagna, a native of Senegal, founded SINDOOLAA drumming and dance ensemble in Milwaukee in 2001. Join him to celebrate the release of his new CD, Sindoolaa, and enjoy an evening of live drummers and dancers from Senegal, and a DJ featuring music from all Africa. Experience the sounds and rhythms of West Africa, the excitement and energy through exotic colors, songs, a variety of percussion instruments and ancient tribal dances.

www.sindoolaa.comClub Timbuktu – 520 E. Center St. – May 14, 9PM

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Hail, hail, rock and roll

The flyer for the show I went to over a year ago claimed Elatia were “heavy metal bluegrass,” and I went into the Bremen Cafe expecting to hear a banjo get the beating of its life, or maybe some goofy Black Sabbath covers. Instead, I found two acoustic guitars and a bongo, and a set of marvelous, intricate songs sung with inventive harmonies. The band’s electric incarnation is powerful, heavy, and loud, but retains the inventiveness, including the harmonies, and, another hallmark of Elatia, instrument switching. Though shows right now are either electric or acoustic, both are equal parts of the band’s sound.

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Gorilla Promotions Hosts Malcolm X Tribute

May 19 — 6 pm

A Malcolm X Tribute hosted by Gorilla Promotions will celebrate his birthday with a video of a Malcolm X interview, a review of his life and open discussion.

Open mic for spoken word poets and performers. Thursday, May 19, 6PM at Club Timbuktu.

Gorilla Promotions has recently moved to the heart of Riverwest at 804 E. Center St. They will be hosting a month long series of “May Daze” at the Uptowner on May 3, UPROC on May 14, Onopa on May 21, and Riverwest Commons on May 27. Check the calendar for more details.

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Def Harmonic – Spaced Out

From the moment the deep bass thump that opens the Spaced Out EP comes through your speakers, comparisons to Parliament-Funkadelic are unavoidable. But thirty years of musical evolution have gone by since George Clinton assembled his first crew of space cadets, and Def Harmonic use that development to its fullest potential.

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One Week Paintings

The Art Bar (722 E. Burleigh St.) celebrated its 1-year anniversary on March 19 with the Riverwest Accordion Club and a party in full swing all night long. Patrons could view an entire year of the “One Week Paintings” open canvas series, on display until April 14. The best-of-canvas award went to Bay View artist Shelby Keefe. Owner Don Krause reports that artists’ slots are booked through October for the popular series, now beginning its second year.