1104magicbus.jpg Sometimes, you can get the facts. Sometimes you just have to be content with reporting what you know. The bus appeared in Riverwest a couple of weeks ago. It was parked on Center Street. It was a big old yellow school bus, but it was painted black. Within a day or two, the big black bus was painted with the most outrageous, fanciful, completely Twenty-First Century patterns and designs. There are words for this style, but they’re spoken words; they look silly written down. The bus invited the camera. It was irresistible. Photogenic. How could you NOT take some pictures of that bus, given the opportunity? A number of people seemed to know some things about the bus. Although they were very friendly, pleasant people, none of them seemed to want to give up any facts about the bus. Not even to UNDER CURRENTS, the alternative to the alternative. Ah, well. Some things should not be written down. No matter what journalistic guidelines say. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t print a picture of the bus. It’s public street art. Thank you, whoever made this possible. Whoever you are.