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Pet’s Diet Plays an Important Role in Health

If you own a pet, you probably depend on your veterinarian and pet food manufacturers to tell you what your pet needs. But if you rely on television and magazine advertisements to tell you how to keep your pet healthy, you may want to think again. Can we really trust what the ads say? How will what they are selling make a difference in your pet’s health and quality of life?

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The Swarm: Cicadas Emerge in Wisconsin

by Carijean Buhk, Urban Ecology Center Outdoor concerts in Chicago have been rescheduled, wedding planners are searching for good sound systems, and “foodies” are looking for recipes all for the emergence of one little bug. Well, make that millions of little bugs. Brood XIII of periodical cicadas will emerge in Illinois and parts of Wisconsin […]

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Mr. Yuk

by Emily DeLeo Your home should be a comfortable place where you and your family can feel safe. However, your home may not be safe if you leave medications or other dangerous substances where children or pets can reach them. Cosmetics, cleaning supplies, medications and even vitamins can be very dangerous to children. All of […]